Watch “The funniest dog video of 2014” on YouTube

A little peek into the truth about why we love dogs, especially the pit bull and similar bully breeds. Officially introducing Lillian, the newest dog” trainer assistant to The Dog Whisperer of MN.


Snuggle time turns to laugh time with Lilly being Lilly and having a funny hat.

Lilly (pictured above with me, ) has proven day after day, a god send to my pack as she always is doing something to brighten anyone’s day. Always a fun loving clown, She has become a great role model for dog behavior training clients (their dogs anyway). To name a couple:

Toffee (pictured below, the mini schnauzer next to Lilly)


Lilly snuggles with Toffee after he learns the ropes and earns snuggle time after a few days of boarding training bootcamp with The Dog Whisperer of MN's rehabilitation training.

Cash (below, the Black Lab with my daughter, Rhylee)


Cash, recently went back home after a bootcamp training with The Dog Whisperer of MN, pictured here with my daughter Rhylee.

She is also the Yin to Cesars Yang. (Proof below)


Always up for relaxed snuggle time with her doggy role model. Pit bull love.

She is just everything I could have asked for as the dog after our beloved Labrador Retriever, Shelby, passed over the Rainbow bridge. Through and through, Lilly is Shelby, minus the anxiety. Please share and like and spread this, promised to be the new trend in funny dog moments. Share with us your videos of catching your dogs doing something funny before they know you are video taping them. Watch the fun and the laughs develop!

Here you go, for your heart warming laugh out loud pleasure, The funniest dog video of 2014: brought to you by The Dog Whisperer of MN very own, Lilly.




Red light/green light isn’t just a game anymore!

Coming to a dog park/street/pet store near you!  Here is a sneak peek to the full story (to be published on 6/26/14)

dog aggression color coded harness, negative behaviors are changed through rebuiling the relationship with trust and respect

Dog behavior takes dedication, responsibility and professional help. Not by putting a color coded collar or bandana or harness on them.

This post is copied from a comment I made when it reached viral/trending status on Facebook (I read it for the first time earlier today)

This idea, although honorable in intention, is horrible. That would be like having a kid with bipolar disorder having them wear a special shirt stating they may stab you in the neck or punch you if you happen to sit next to them on the bus. Or if you have a friend with AIDS and forced them to wear a short saying they do. I mean,  really? This shows how lazy and irresponsible people can be with their dogs. Please note, I’m not generalizing everyone that owns a dog with behavior issues. All this does is camouflage owner responsibility. It’s a less political version of BSL. It gives an excuse to irresponsible or lazy owners an “out” when their inability to control their dog is proven when someone happens to walk by the dog with the “bad dog” collar and that dog snaps at them.

Tune in tomorrow (6/26), to learn why this color coded dangerous for declaration is not OK, not good and should under no circumstances be used as an alternative to proper training or  owner responsibility.

Help save Minnesota Rescue and Shelter Dogs!

Help save Minnesota Rescue and Shelter Dogs!

Visualize to feel, Reach out to see what “one person” can do for the world.

The best feeling shirt you’ll ever buy is right here!


All Dogs are Good Dogs, when given the chance.

Do you like Dogs or Cats? Puppies and Kittens? Horses, birds, lizards?  The list goes on about where the compassion, heart and love for the thousands of animals that are misplaced, given up on or taken away from there loving owners because of something out of the owner’s control?


No matter if you live in California, Washington, Wyoming, New York, Atlanta or Minnesota, you can buy something to help you look good, feel good and do something more than just buying an awesome looking t-shirt!

You can help save the animals that need it. Buying a shirt, will add to many important pieces when rescue organizations rescue an animal like :training, food, veterinary care, blankets and beds and much more!

Share this story or this link, sign on and buy your self some thing that will give you those warm and fuzzy feelings you get when you do something for someone with out any wanting or expectation of getting anything in return.

You remember those warm and fuzzy feeling? Like before life became real? When you could run out the door; no keys or credit cards. Just the love of pure life and adventures. Come home, have dinner ready, eat, sleep and be happy. Buying this t-shirt will give that to you, especially when you share/like/or forward this post to your friends, families and anyone in your social network!

Save a life. Given a local Minnesota rescue dog, cat or any other shelter animal the one thing they deserve, Loyalty, happiness, hope and a future.



Pitbull's abide by the YOLO tagline. Cesar is no different. The Dog Whisperer of MN's bff and sidekick for dog behavior and socialization

Cesar is a snuggle bud, a great pitbull ambassador and everything you would wish for in a pet and four legged family member

It is officially my Pitbull Cesar’s 6th Birthday!


Proof that Pit Bulls Love Kids

Cesar and my daughter Rhylee at a kissing booth for Westonka Dog Days 2013

 He has been the best companion a person could or would ever ask for. Straight away from adopting him from the Minnesota Dog Rescue group, “RPAWS” (Rescue Pets Are Wonderful) at 14 weeks old, Cesar has flourished as my right “paw” pooch for my work as THE DOG WHISPERER OF MN.

Happy Birthday Sneezer. You are a one of a kind dog, Pitbull and best friend!

Take a minute to read Cesar’s story on my business website! Send some birthday wishes too!

All Dogs Love Winter

Do you love winter? The snow, Christmas, pretty landscape photo opportunities, fire places burning. The smell of pine trees and brisk fresh wind. What is there not to love!


Well, there is crappy roads, people forgetting how to drive, black ice, subzero temperatures and little or no clear sun light for four months…  Nine months if you live in Minnesota.

One thing we can all relate to and admit truly enjoying is that first big snow fall and letting the dogs out. For a second or for minutes, dogs just LOVE it. Just the exuberance and excitement of your dog’s first romp in the snow. It’s a site to behold and if you don’t think it’s always fun to watch your dog do their mad dogging laps around the yard at Ferrari like speeds, your not human.


With all that fun being had, dogs and dog owners alike overlook one small piece. Your dog can develop cold weather related issues just as fast as people can. There paws can get frost bite, they can isolate then selves on accident by roaming to far from the house and literally get stop in their tracks, becoming prone to hypothermia, just to name a few.

Too many dogs freeze to death during these months all because of an unaware owner. Not saying bad owner. Just unaware.

Here are a couple easy tips to prevent health and safety issues from arising.

1. Monitor your dog when outside. Listen for dog tags jingling or crunching snow. If there is silence, you may need to sound the alarm and find your pet.

Dogs, depending on temperature, can physically tolerate the cold weather for 3-5 minutes, with out winter gear, before bad things start to happen.

2. Watch their steps!
With higher core body temperatures, the snow will get between the toes and pads and instantly freeze, creating little ice daggers that can break skin or crack pads. If time outside is prolonged, every few minutes, check their feet to remove any ice build up.

3. Watch for ice!
Dogs will forget to keep the eyes on the road. So, if you have a high energy dog, make sure they are avoiding patches of ice, they are four wheel drive, but most dog breeds don’t come standard with traction control. They can lose footing, slip and hurt their noses, chip a tooth, break a bone or even dislocate joints. It’s funny when people slip, it’s funny when dogs slip, it’s not funny to see pain or fear after the fall or speeding to the emergency vet to fix them up. So watch out for speeding dogs around ice.

4. Hacking or gagging can be deadly.
Some physical responses to being to cold can be gagging and heaving, coughing, vomiting. So, when the weather outside is frightful, but your dog finds it delightful, stay observant and alert to odd changes in demeanor, extreme activity changes, the pathetic two paw raise, you know what I’m talking about. So sad to see them tripod their way to safety, gagging, coughing or vomiting etc. This could be a sign of significant issues that should be resolved before damage is done.

5. Hot Water doesn’t help a frozen Dogcicle.
Last one for now, if your dog gets frost bite or becomes hypothermic, use room temperature to cool water to help thaw them out. Better yet, a warm blanket or towel is a great way to overcome the potential hazard of prolonged exposure to the cold. Gradually warm them up. To fast and you can cause nerve damage or shock.

Throw on sock Booties, Jacket wraps, sweaters or what ever you think is needed and watch the fun happen safely.

Remember, it’s all fun and games until your dog forgets it’s too cold and you have to find boots and trudge your way over the river or through the woods, to save your dog from cold. It’s not fun to walk in windy snowy grossness to retrieve your 90lb retriever or any breed for that matter.

Keep it fun, stay aware and keep it safe.


Happy holidays!

Vote for Our Pit Bull Crew, Lilly and Cesar!


click here and vote for The Dog Whisperer of MN’s pit bulls,  Lilly and Cesar! If we get the most likes,  the Pit bull crew down in Florida will waive the adoption fee for a dog in our name!  Voting ends tomorrow! 

Dogs behaving like humans part 1

Dogs and people have been side by side for thousands of years. Evolving socially and in some ways emulating the people they live with. Here are some pictures of my dogs after a long day…  Of being,  well dogs.

Cesar displays his judging eyes from afar… 


Pit bull judging kid | Cesar amd Rhylee

Believe it or not,  dogs can be in your bed and only intend on sleep.  Not dominance.


How Do Dog's Cope With A Stressful Day | A long day of relaxing must be tiring.

Anyone else wish they could understand what their dogs are saying? Then look on my pit bull Cesars face,  all because I got then camera out…  He was snoring 2 seconds earlier.


My dogs can be dead asleep yet know the moment a picture is being taken

Even pit bulls love relaxing on a nice day.  Cesar is addicted to it I think.


Cesar is enjoying the sun, a cloud passed amd ruined his afternoon nap

My wife does this when she’s asleep.  I think it was planned by Monkey. Gotta stretch them legs.


The Dog Whisperer of MN whispering to pit bull Monkey.

See more dog pictures on my Business Facebook Page.  Feel free to share with me your fun and cute dog pictures!

Dog Behavior Training MN | Dog Aggression, It’s never too late

Alot of people with dogs that lunge,  growl, snap or bite are very quick to be told YOUR DOG IS AGGRESSIVE. For someone who doesn’t understand dog psychology, which is a lot, this would make a lot of sense. Even well known dog trainers and dog training companies will agree. It happens a lot where you hire someone who will avoid your dog or tip toe around the actual issues.  Some are intimidated by larger breeds showing “aggression”, pit bulls,  mastiffs, German Shepherds,  Rottwieler, Doberman to name a few.  I won’t lie,  a big strong dog like a Doberman or mastiff or even the american pit bull Terrier can be just that. This makes a majority of people meant to help you and your dog,  jump to the response of,

Your dog just can’t be around other dogs,  he will always be aggressive.”


Well,  here’s the twist in the plot. This isn’t true,  this is so far from the truth,  its frustrating. To me at least. I have seen many dogs deemed too aggressive to be social become balanced and laid back followers.

Read this carefully now,  it may be weird to see but,  DOG AGGRESSION, as a diagnosis, IS HIGHLY UNCOMMON.

Look at it this way,  the explosion of a dog aggressive reaction is like the pretty and exciting part of a fireworks show. The colors and bangs are all that people focus on.

But,  what about the building, planning and set up involved?  The thing that makes everyone go Oooo and Awwww. 

That’s like aggression in dogs. The part everyone focuses on is the bite,  lunge or attack. Not the case. In most cases,  an aggression reaction comes from a consistent build-up relating to dominant and primarily, insecurity with in the dogs role in the home. Sometimes the interactions play into it, small or big. But it’s a reaction to control something/someone as  the psychological escalation is triggered. This brings on a do or die function based on the dog’s qualifying that trigger as positive or negative. A trigger perceived as negative brings on a rapid escalation leading to the dog wanting to control to keep the family safe,  and through the most effective way,  normal dog growls and bares teeth,  unbalanced insecure dog will jump to a physical level,  lunging, charging or yes, biting. This is an aggressive response,  not an aggressive dog. Aggressive dogs don’t discriminate what the go after. It’s just do it. Insecure dogs have random (seemingly) moments of aggressive reactivity. A new football coach fires the entire coaching staff  on releases a favorite player  to prove a point. They only hope it works. They are by definition,  insecure. That coach ends up losing  the teams trust,  the fans loyalty and ultimately,  his job. 

Aggression is cured by winning the fight. Insecurity is polar opposite to that,  it’s about patience,  timing,  understanding and trust.


Before you assume you have an aggressive dog  think about the recent interactions and how by our dog responded to them.  You might notice too  that he didn’t think to bite right away,  but built-up frustration due to unbalanced dynamics and roles, He sees you nervous,  assumes it’s the guy who knocked and tried doing you a favor by getting rid of him. 

Think about this the next fire works show you watch.  It’s pretty amazing right?  Even more so that you value the time to setup and design it.

Spread the word and save a life. T


Watch “Too Cute Puppy Shi Tzu vs Adult Yorki.” on YouTube

Watch Copito show-off that lovable Shi Tzu personality as he plays with Molly the Yorki! 

Creating unbalanced Kids and Dogs ,  rewarding failure | The Dog Whisperer MN

Creating unbalanced Kids and Dogs , rewarding failure | The Dog Whisperer MN

Teaching and empowering America’s kids and dogs to be insecure and self entitled. Society is more amd more often unknowingly rewarding failure in our youth and aggressive, anxiety, fear or hyper activity in our beloved dogs.


Dog Behaviorist and a parent. I love my kids. Here is me and Emma after she fought with me over homework and chores. Respect amd value goes both ways.

Kids and Dogs need love and compassion. Kids and Dog’s need reward. Heck,  kids and Dog’s need fun play time too.

People need to understand that the value of these things are not the treat rewards, play, fetch, X-Box, iPhone infinitives or in some cases the loving, sweet,  good natured cuddle after a scary/intense event.

Kids VALUE a parent,  teacher or other authority figure that give rules,  enforce boundaries, offers assertive direction and some times punishment ( weird I know) at the same time you can offer the care,compassion and rewards. Balance is key. People are so cemented in a  welfare mantality of just don’t kill anyone and you can get a cookie. Just go to school and you will get a “PASS” for it. 50% of their grade is given for “effort”. Kids sports,  there is no winner,  everyone gets to be quarterback, forward or point guard or captain; no one loses and the kids won’t get their feelings hurt and feel bad. Really?  Really America? All this self entitlement we condition our kids to and society wonders why drugs,  theater/school shootings and “depression” is increasing every day in kids from preschool to high-school. The flow of society frightens me.

Today’s society, kids and adults alike, should have access to and treated with respect,  kindness and be allowed comfort and love. The thing that frustrates me is when did that mutate into this spoiled, save me from the air, free lunch way of life? Earn your position of Captain,  don’t just “pass” the class, work to get the A. Work to be the best even if you never will be. Don’t get mad if you are wrong,  learn from it and value the opportunity to developing accountability. Can’t pay your rent?  Get another job or sell your stuff! If your sad about life, be productive do something to empower yourself! If you didn’t know,  I’ll tell you,  unless actual chemical imbalance is there, that magic happy pill isn’t really magical. And it is expensive and will screw your “world” up once you miss a refill and have to wait 3-5 days.

Even in dogs this is true!


The Dog Whisperer of MN loves his Pit Bulls. CESAR AND LILLY SHOW OFF HALLOWEEN COSTUME

Why is the evolution of general dog training theory in that same cast? Seemingly contining in a direction that puts heavy emphasis on rewards and excitement?  Rather then respect and valuing authority.

Reward a job well done,  not just for going through the motions. If your dog is attacking something or someone; treats, distractions, clickers or hugs aren’t going to stop him,  they may make him more aggressive!  Rewarding the state of mind when he is calm and social is awesome. Very productive and beneficial. When’s the last time you got a raise for throwing your computer at the FedEx guy for saying hello in passing? When did you get a raise or bonus for just showing up to work, like your supposed to? 

Why does it make sense to give treats to your dog when he growls or snarles at another dog? Is it because he didn’t lunge or bite? 

“Gooooood boooooy….  You didn’t rip apart that Yorki, here’s a cookie.”

So,  no dog died,  so he gets a cookie…  So,  if I go through tomorrow and not shank anyone, do I get money, free car or steak?  Maybe a high five? No?  What do you mean I’m not supposed to shank people?  Maybe if I pay my lunch tab,  I will get a free car wash…  New computer? Nothing? Wtf then. Why does society give extra credit for “showing up” to Math class and dogs treats for not killing snow ball across the street? Why do parents that raise their voice and take away toys or play time looked at as evil and child abusive? Or someone firmly, physically touching a dog Lunging to correct then or using a  leash correction on a growling dog seen as ignorant and mean?

“you don’t have to hurt the dog for him to listen to you”

RIP Snowball…

Think about it. I’m hard on my kids when they act out,  don’t listen or have unreasonable responses to life’s situations. They don’t like it at the time. I’m never demeaning or insulting. I have expectations. Both my girls,  believe it or not,  still love me and are amazing kids! 2 years above their age level in many categories. They are sweet,  confident, compassionate,  well spoken, caring and empathetic.

Discipline does not mean violently smacking your kid in the face or kicking your dog through the goal post.

Violence is an epidemic in all facets of social America. Why is that? Ask your friend what to do if your dog Gros or kid yells at another kid…  See what they say. 

Something to think about. Please,  share your thoughts. This has been on my mind for a while now. I’m curious about other people’s thoughts about this.